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Should You Renovate Before Moving In?

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When it comes to moving house, there are many things to think about before the big day comes. If the new home you’ve bought is a fixer-upper that requires some work, you’re probably debating whether it’s worth renovating before moving in your things. Let’s have a closer look at some of the factors you’ll need to consider to make that decision.

Your Circumstances & Finances

Unless you’ll retain ownership of your old property for some time in between the move, delaying moving in your items will come with additional costs. You’ll need a removal company to collect your things and place them into storage until you’re ready to move them into your new home. The longer you need to store your items, the more your costs will add up.

As well as that, if you have young children or pets who could get in the way while you’re at work, you may find it easier to have your items in storage.

Your Renovation Plans

If you want to give your new home a simple lick of paint before settling in, you may be able to work around your items. Therefore, this would mean you could have things delivered and placed in the correct rooms ready to be rearranged when the painting is complete.

However, if you’re wanting to do more extensive work you may want to keep your items in storage. Knocking down walls or ripping out kitchens and bathrooms is messy, so you’ll be grateful to have your things out of the way. As well as that, the extra space will make it that little bit easier to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Storage Solutions

We offer storage and removal services, therefore making it much easier to store your items. We won’t need to liaise with another company to organise storing and retrieving your items. You’ll only need to let us know when you want them and we can make the arrangements. Moving in is much easier with a full-service company like J. H. Apsee & Sons.

Arrange Your Moving In Service Today

Whether you need to store your items in order to renovate or want to get moved in straight away, we can help. Contact our friendly team today to arrange our services.


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